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Why do you need a will?

If something were to happen to you right now, what would happen to your property?  You may be shocked to know that your spouse does not inherit everything.  Without a will ALL of your heirs will be co-owners of every asset you own.  That is why it is imperiative that you have a Last Will and Testament executed to specifically name those that you want to inherit your assets.  A Will keeps the peace! It is difficult enough when we lose a loved one, but in the wake of all the emotions that everyone is feeling, it can become a catalyst for family disagreements when there is no will.

What is Probate?

When a person passes away, probate is the legal process of administering the estate of the deceased person.  A Probate Court decides the validity of the will and names the executor of the will.  The things that most people do not think about are the technical aspects of Probate.  Creditors must be notified and legal notices published.  Executors need to be guided on when and how to distribute assests in accordance to law and creditors rights.  There are time factors involved for filing or objecting to claims of the estate.  Without an attorney that understands Probate it can become a nightmare.   Let the Law Office of Sam W. Pettigrew Jr. lead you down the right path.
Wills & Probate