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Personal Injury is more than just being involved in an automobile accident.  It encompasses any situation where you suffered an injury to your body OR mind and emotions.  In the case of mind and emotions, the issue of "neglect" is usually the most known.  There are also what is considered Industrial Disease Cases where illness and disease is present due to negligent environmental situations.  In other words, disease was caused by breathing, ingesting, absorbtion, and other forms, because of the conditions caused or neglected by another individual or group.

The most common types of personal injury clamis are

- Road Traffic Accidents
- Accidents at Work
- Tripping Accidents
- Accidents in the Home
- Product Defect Accidents
- Assault Claims

Personal Injury can be very complex, so you need an attorney that can give you the advice that you need for your specific situation.  Give Sam W. Pettigrew Jr. a call today and schedule your no-obligation consultation.

Personal Injury